stitching dreams into Reality

In the town of Moshi, near Mount Kilimanjaro, lived Neema, a young woman full of hope. She joined a sewing program at Simbas Footprints Foundation in 2019. It wasn't just about sewing; it was a six-month journey of learning, business, English, and computer skills.

Neema worked hard, improving her sewing skills, and when she graduated, she got a new job in town. With her earnings, she bought her own sewing machine and opened a shop. Her success spread, and she found love and started a family.

She said, "Simbas Footprints Foundation transformed my life. I can now support my family."

The program changed the lives of others too, making them employable and breaking societal barriers. Neema's story is a testament to the foundation's power, turning dreams into reality in Moshi.