The Simbas Footprints Foundation has brought a brighter future to the girls of Mjimpya Secondary School through the Girls' Toilets Renovation Project. Over 470 girls faced challenges with menstrual hygiene, such as inadequate toilets, water, privacy, and disposal facilities.

In response, the foundation launched a significant transformation. They replaced old, run-down toilets with six clean and hygienic facilities. They improved ventilation, added non-slip floors, and ensured privacy. A clean water supply system was installed, and new locks provided security.

But the foundation didn't stop at renovating facilities; they also educated the girls. They provided menstrual hygiene kits with pads and essential items, conducted workshops, and raised awareness about proper hygiene.

The impact was tremendous. The girls' health and self-esteem improved, and the risk of waterborne diseases decreased. The school became a cleaner and more comfortable place, leading to better attendance and academic performance. This transformation showed that change is possible, one step at a time. The Simbas Footprints Foundation's spirit reminds us that hope and transformation light the path to a better tomorrow.