Our History:

Simbas Footprints Foundation was founded in 2011 by Sybille Good from Switzerland and Frida Marealle from Sweden and is a registered Non Governmental Organization (no. 07/NGO/08401) working in Mji Mpya, a community located in Moshi, in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. The organization is also a registered non profit in Switzerland and Sweden.

Simbas Footprints Foundation first opened a children’s home, providing nine children the opportunity to regain a sense of family structure and personal stability. These children were cared for and provided with new educational opportunities. Fortunately, as of 2014 all of these children have established relationships with one or more of their family members, allowing them to be re-integrated into their communities.  It’s our belief that each child deserves the right to their roots and culture, and as an organization we foster and encourage them to build long term relationships with their family members. Simbas Footprints Foundation is now invested in empowering the families members to ensure they are self sustainable which allows for a healthy living environment.

We have continued to provide the necessary supports to make this transition possible and truly positive.  Currently all nine of these children are enrolled in school which Simbas Footprints Foundations sponsors.