Emmanuel,( not his real name) a 6-year-old boy, suffered from a chronic health problem called Nasal polyps, which caused frequent fevers and school absences. Lack of access to proper healthcare was a big problem for him.

When Emmanuel and his mother connected with Simbas Footprints Foundation, they went through an interview process. This collaboration helped Emmanuel get access to the National Health Insurance Fund, which paid for his necessary surgery. After the surgery, his health got much better, and he could go to school regularly.

Simbas Footprints Foundation not only helps with healthcare but also focuses on prevention. Since Emmanuel was at the age when children might need teeth removed, he also gets proper dental care and guidance.

Emmanuel's mom expressed her gratitude, saying,"The health insurance has reduced the financial burden of medical expenses and, more importantly, improved our child's health and ensured he goes to school regularly. Thanks to Simbas Footprints Foundation."

Emmanuel's story is just one of many examples of how Simbas Footprints Foundation is making a positive impact on the community. They offer hope and transform lives by addressing important issues like healthcare access and affordability. Through their dedicated work and local leadership, they continue to leave a positive mark on the lives of the people they help.